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From the very beginning, Earl Carney Insurance has focused on one principle: “Take care of your customers no matter what. Treat them like you treat yourself and your family.”

Earl Carney established this principle when he opened his Nationwide office in 1980, and his daughters, who joined and eventually took over the business, carry it on to this day.

“I think if you take care of something for somebody, then you’re helping them,” said Saundra Carney, owner of the business. “So, for me, it’s making sure that our customers are well-protected.”

Her sister, Sissy Carney-Groce, retired in 2015, but her sons Nick and Jay Martin still work in the family business alongside our other experts.

“Everyone who comes through our door is family, whether we’re actually related or not,” Saundra laughed. “We only want the best for our family, and we want to do whatever we can to help them. We'll continue to offer high quality insurance from Nationwide, and we now have access to many other carriers so we can customize insurance to meet our customers' exact needs and budgets."

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